Yobi B3 in action!

Take a first-hand look at what you can do with Yobi B3, our first HomeKit enabled smart doorbell!

Meet Yobi B3, our first smart doorbell security camera that’s Apple HomeKit enabled, giving you an easier, faster, and  more convenient way to secure your home. 

Apple HomeKit Enabled

  Over the past two-years, Yobi B3 has undergone countless hours of hard work and development to bring you and your family the most trustworthy doorbell system.

Top Security Design

  Yobi B3 is crafted with care and the commitment to bring you the most reliable smart doorbell on the market. And that’s why we partnered with top security providers to bring you a sleek doorbell camera with high-end internal components. 

Heightened Security

Two-Way Audio Speakers

 Whether you see the pizza delivery man, or a suspicious person roaming around your home, you can be sure that you can communicate with them from the safety of your own home. The two-way audio speakers with echo noise cancellation make it so you can speak and listen clearly.

Smart PIR Motion Sensors

PIR Sensors provide precise motion notifications by measuring body heat. 

Our passive infrared sensors, provided by the top leading company Excelitas, use PIR pyroelectric sensors that give precise movement notifications by measuring body heat. This means that you will receive accurate notifications that are not triggered by false movements like cars driving by your house.

180° Field of View/ Full HD

Yobi uses the world’s top lens supplier, Evetar This means we’re using advanced lens’ that are specifically designed for in-home security to give you the finest HD  quality in the market. Evetar is the world’s top lens supplier for major camera systems that provide you with high-definition video quality day and night to keep your home better protected. 

Weather Resistant

 And after rigorous testing in various weather conditions, we produced Yobi with the perfect weather-resistant materials. So, you can be sure that your smart security doorbell will always be functioning regardless of any weather conditions in your area. 

Facial Backlight Compensation

Take, for instance, it’s the middle of the day and the sun is shining in front of your house. As a result of this overflow of sunlight, an IP camera’s automatic reaction is to lower the exposure to compensate. This will give you extremely dark videos with absolutely no details. But Yobi is not like a regular IP camera. It’s a cool IP camera. And since we don’t want you to miss any small details of what goes on around your home, we made sure that it came equipped with smart backlight compensation. Yobi will automatically reduce or increase exposure so you to get the best surveillance video of your home. 

After Backlight CompensationBefore Backlight Compensation