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    Government agencies are at a crossroads. Governments today often rely on a patchwork of systems to address their complex needs, which span citizen services, community outreach, field service, project management, and financial oversight.

    Cloud technology gives big government a way to stay competitive—and stay relevant—in an expanding world of big business. Agencies no longer have to focus efforts on operational management because they have new, scalable, efficient ways to meet user demands. Technology gives them an opportunity to leapfrog the typical innovation process, reset goals, and increase expectations as they transform into an agency that brings innovative, relevant leadership to the community they serve.

    Microsoft Business Applications enable agencies to reduce the complexity of IT, meet their compliance regulations, and turn data and insight into intelligent action—making every interaction they have with citizens impactful and driving government efficiencies. The platform supports customers streamlining their service interactions.

    This not only helps drive benefit today, but provides long-term value by empowering organizations to iterate on their systems. Customers can adapt the application to their needs in safe and secure manner, allowing them to take advantage of cloud innovations in a more continuous fashion.

    The connected data from people and other systems is the fuel for intelligence to power modern government experiences, with those experiences further providing data to continuously refine interactions. We call this the digital feedback loop.

    Below is an overview of some of the biggest benefits that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Government offers to those in the industry:

    Give citizens a secure, easy way to connect. Engage citizens with user-friendly, 24/7 self-service options so they can connect anytime, anywhere, on their preferred channel.
    Build citizen trust with superior customer service by implementing a unified, data-driven platform, enable agents to manage and solve citizen cases faster while increasing knowledge across your agency.
    Empower employees to do more with fewer resources by leveraging built-in intelligence mobile engagement and implementing automated workflow management, boost employee productivity, reduce human error, and better optimize resources.
    Optimize long-term business processes, and planning and control costs, to improve development and provide better on-time, within-budget project management. With the right tools, provide a foundation for initiation, planning, execution, and close of project over the entire service lifecycle. Additionally, manage projects proactively using a unified management dashboard to track project performance, team and resource feedback, and customer voice.
    Make informed decisions with a deeper understanding of citizen needs using data to drive value to your citizens and achieve your government’s desired outcome. Obtain actionable insights and make data-driven decisions to better inform policies. Shifting from reactive to proactive processes, embedded insights help with the discovery of reported issues, enabling governments to take preventative measures and reduce the occurrence of similar incidents in the future.

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