9to5mac Reviews Yobi B3 HomeKit Enabled Doorbell

We’re happy to announce that 9to5mac has given Yobi B3, the first 1080p HD video HomeKit enabled doorbell, a review with flying colors. Being the first HD HomeKit Doorbell on the market, we’re proud to serve the a group of eager homeowners in search of the perfect HomeKit doorbell device.

“Yobi B3 is created specifically to serve the market of smart home users who have waited years to take advantage of HomeKit’s doorbell category. For this reason, Yobi relies entirely on Apple’s Home app for setup and control.”

We’re excited to see Yobi B3 make a difference in the way homeowners secure their homes through the HomeApp, making all security efforts centralized in one place.

You can read the entire Yobi B3 review, Yobi B3 beats the smart home industry to creating an affordable HomeKit doorbell, as well as product packaging images on 9to5mac.

“Yobi B3 is the star of the HomeKit doorbell category. With an affordable price tag and a consumer-friendly design, Yobi is made to fill the massive gap left by Ring and other popular smart doorbells.”

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